About us

Experience The Unique Malaysian Hospitality

Attana Hotels & Resorts is a premier Malaysian Hospitality Management Company that manages a portfolio of hotels and resorts, and golf clubs worth more than RM800 million. Taking forward the legacy of Permodalan Nasional Berhad’s rich hospitality offerings, we continue to place our guests at the core of our every step whilst generating wealth for our shareholders.

At Attana, Every Stay is A Crafted Experience.

Vision & Mission

Malaysian Hospitality Management Group

Vision - To be recognised as a premier Malaysian Hospitality Group that delivers unique crafted experience that exceeds guests’ expectation, which ultimately helps the Group generates reasonable shareholders’ wealth.

Mission - To deliver the best hospitality experience to our guests by managing profitable and operationally efficient hospitality assets as well as maintaining consistent high-level service standards.

To Stay With Attana Is To Be Welcomed, With Radiant Warmth

Every stay, A crafted experience