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A World Where Our Guests Are Personally Attended To

As you approach our properties, don’t be surprised if we smile and wave hello. Entering, we reach for the door and graciously open our contemporary home with a sincere greeting. Sit for a meal and our chefs prepare colorful local dishes with the hand of an artist.

Schedule an event and we’ll craft it with care into a special occasion. Join us for an activity and we’ll customise it into an unforgettable experience. Walk through our spaces and admire the work of local artisans and young creatives. Retire to your room to find a hand-written note wishing you a good rest.


Contemporary luxury with a personal touch

Perdana rises to its name which means ‘first in importance’, by placing its guests at the centre of it all. More than elegant spaces, thoughtful facilities, amenities-rich locations, and delectable dining with traditional flavours, Perdana exudes a natural and inherent charm that inevitably transforms every stay into a memorable experience.
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Everything you need, right here

In an already complicated world, Espira winds things down to a simple perspective. Our offerings and service echo our guests’ appreciation for convenience, efficiency and affordability. From lobby to suite and throughout our property, we are focused on providing every guest with just what they need, at fair and friendly rates.
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A whole new level of group vacations

When you travel with your tribe, be it for work or family vacations, think Villea. Borne of a culture that values community gatherings and big-group outings, Villea is all about family and bonding. We are generous on space, and big-hearted about making everyone feel welcome — from the littlest traveller to our golden guests. From family rooms to lounges and restaurants, we have a huge appetite for making your stay cosy, communal and carefree.
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Every stay, A crafted experience